Purple carrots?

Have you ever seen purple carrots? These beauties appeared in my produce box today. They bleed a purple beet color when you slice into them and taste less sweet than their orange siblings. I love to try all the odd varieties of produce that come in the food box (or hippie box as some have termed it) every other week. I wonder how long my tongue will be purple…


Update from my awesome friend Heather who is working towards her RD/MPH:

“Anthocyanin – another type of pigment, is what makes purple carrots purple. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant within plants (making it resistant to things including pests) and then, in flowers, they make the plant attractive to things that would pollinate it. But when consumed by us, it doesn’t seem to have any nutritional value (bummer).  But, still, they look REALLY cool 🙂 and apparently are supposed to add an astringency to food.” She also said wild carrots were purple first. Crazy, huh? Last but not least, she left me with this website: http://www.carrotmuseum.co.uk/history.html. Enjoy!