Valentine’s Day Care Packages

Today I came home from work to find not one but TWO packages for me in the meter box. One from Sharon in DC and the other from Lakshmi in Seattle. The three of us decided to do a Valentine’s Day sweets exchange via care packages since we no longer live in the same city. How awesome is this?!

I can’t remember the last time I received an edible care package, let alone TWO in the same day! I owe them both big time especially since I have yet to bake and send my own creations their way. We have a rather nasty ant infestation taking over our kitchen at the moment which made cooking last night very interesting. Ants = protein?

Here are Sharon’s sinful dark chocolate cherry ganache bars:

And Lakshmi’s chewy peanut butter cookies and divine anise biscotti (are you sure you aren’t Italian, L?):

Hooray for awesome girlfriends!


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