Chickpea and Spinach Salad + Fava Bean Puree

Our friend Benjy gave us a grocery bag full of fava beans from his garden last week so I decided to make bruschetta-like appetizers with favas instead of tomatoes. They were divine! The recipe was from Leite’s and can be found here.

Since I also had a bunch of chickpeas and spinach on hand, I decided to try a salad that I had been eyeing, also on Leite’s. If you like cumin (SB, this was made for you!), you will love this. The original recipe is here.

All of this (and some delicious cheeseburgers) was enjoyed out on our deck on the 4th of July before the fireworks began. Because it’s so rare to have a clear evening during the summer in San Francisco, I snapped a photo to prove it.