Ugly Peach Pie

This is definitely one for the “mishap” category! At least it tasted good though. I ordered a box of fresh peaches from Frog Hollow Farms and wanted to use some of them to make a peach pie. It’s feeling like summer in San Francisco this week (temps in the 70s!) so the timing was perfect for a juicy summer pie. Unfortunately, I still lack my Grammy’s finesse with dough so this was a *very* ugly dessert. Lucky for me, I made it for friends who are always more interested in stuffing their faces than admiring the beauty (or lack thereof) of the presentation. (Thanks Mike and Wei!)

Don’t let these photos deter you from trying Mollie Cox Bryan’s recipe – it really was delicious. I dropped the sugar to 1/2 cup per one of the suggestions in the comments section and didn’t miss it at all.