Leftover Pot Roast Stew

I never think of myself as being a very creative cook. I am usually pretty good at following recipes (except when I space out and forget to read the preparation time like I did on Tuesday night – oops) and I try to cook a wide variety of foods. However, when it comes to knowing what and how much of what to put in a new dish, I’m not too confident and usually try to piece a few recipes together for guidance. Today I decided to make a stew out of the leftover pot roast all on my own – no cheating and looking up other recipes. It actually turned out quite well!

I softened an onion in some olive oil and added two stalks of chopped celery and two chopped carrots. When that was all soft (not brown), I stirred around a pressed clove of garlic for a few seconds before adding the rest of the ingredients. I added a pinch of salt, the leftover meat (cubed), a box of very expired diced tomatoes (oops- looks like I’m turning into my mother in that I haven’t cleaned out the pantry in a while), a chopped up potato, and half a box of beef broth. For spices, I sprinkled in some rosemary and thyme and decided to hold off on adding anything else until the flavors came together and I could taste it. After bringing it to a boil and simmering for about 40 minutes until the carrots were soft, I was delightfully surprised at how well it turned out. It’s simple but it’s hearty and delicious. I’m going to put it in the freezer and bust it out once all the fog starts to roll into San Francisco in the next few months.