Asparagus Pizza and Strawberry Gelato

More spring treats! For tonight’s pizza, I planned the toppings and Alex shaped the dough. We had friends over for dinner so I didn’t take any photos. It’s so much more fun to chat and eat than it is to spend five minutes taking a photo that isn’t all that great anyway. Instead, I’m including the photos from the websites where I found the original recipes. However, if I may say so myself, my own versions weren’t so ugly. Though my photography would have been!

Asparagus Pizza from Smitten Kitchen (Photo by Smitten Kitchen)

Strawberry Gelato from Martha Rose Shulman’s Recipes for Health section in the NYT (Photo by Andrew Scrivani for NYT)

The only changes we made were to use our own pizza dough recipe and to use fresh berries for the gelato. I served two scoops (hey, it did say recipes for “health”) over fresh berries. YUM.