Recipe Testing (Mafe’)

Update: The recipe made it through testing! It’s up on the Leite’s site here.

I am on my second round of recipe testing for Leite’s Culinaria and am happy to say that my latest dish was absolutely delightful! I made a mafe’, a West African stew with meat simmered in a sauce that is thickened with peanut butter and has a sweet-salty flavor. ¬†Traditionally, you can use lamb, mutton, beef, or chicken but the peanut sauce is what truly defines the mafe’. I opted for lamb tonight since I knew Alex would like it (and I’m slowly becoming a fan of lamb myself after a delicious ravioli we had at Cantinetta last weekend). I added butternut squash, cabbage, parsnips, and potatoes to the stew before adding natural, smooth peanut butter to the final product. Wow. I hope this makes it to the website so that I can share the recipe with you! In the meantime, do a Google search for “lamb mafe” and let me know what you come up with.


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