January 22 is Official Soup Swap Day!

It’s been a cold wet week up here in Washington so I’ve been relying on my (dwindling) soup supply to keep me warm and sated. I just picked up Clifford Wright’s The Best Soups in the World cookbook from the library and am anxious to try a couple of his recipes this weekend for the next round of soup swap. So far, the black-eyed pea and coconut and the cream of carrot with ginger soups look the most intriguing. I’ll report back after I have the chance to try them out.

I realized today that Sharon and I have been “swapping soup” for three months already as of Monday 1/24. How fitting since I also just realized that 1/22 is the official Soup Swap Day, an event that has gone international in the last five years. Apparently, the movement began in Seattle by resident Knox Gardner who grew bored of the large pots of soup he made to combat the rain and cold. Sound familiar? I just read an interview he gave where he described “taking the soup out of your freezer and feeling like your friend made this present for you to eat in the darkest part of winter”. I couldn’t agree more.

Happy soup-making this weekend!