Dinner parties

I can count the number of dinner parties we’ve hosted in Seattle on one hand. After having two girlfriends over for dinner last night, I now realize how much I have missed cooking for and with good friends. In San Francisco, it feels like we are constantly having people over for dinner and trying new recipes. This is something I hope to change in our few remaining months in Seattle.

I made one of my favorite chicken recipes (Braised Chicken with Almonds, Saffron, Lavender, and Almonds) that I found a few years ago on Leite’s Culinaria. It’s David Leite’s masterpiece of a website which includes how-tos, promotions on kitchen toys, a number of colorful recipes from chefs, restaurants, and cookbooks from around the world, and lots more. I probably try something on their website at least once a week.

The girls brought over some roasted brussel sprouts and a pumpkin cheesecake – YUM! I made a spinach salad and polenta to go with the chicken (it would also work over couscous, rice, or mashed potatoes). The original recipe comes from Deborah Krasner’s The Flavors of Olive Oil cookbook. It is relatively simple to prepare and is super flavorful. It’s also a nice way to use up some of the spices we got a little carried away with buying on our RTW trip. Oops.


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