A serious pie adventure

Last Saturday Alex flew Mike, Wei, and I up to Tahoe. It had been two years since I’d been up in the plane with him so I was looking forward to the flight. Words can’t describe how awesome it is to get in the plane, head over the bay, windmills, delta, foothills, and Donner Lake to arrive in Truckee all in less than 1.5 hrs. It goes by so fast because there is so much gorgeous terrain to take in along the way. The only downside is that we missed stopping at Ikeda’s for pie and burgers on our way up.

alex flying

train truckee

My mom picked us up at the airport and brought us back to their house in Tahoe Donner. We wasted the afternoon away hanging out and chatting on the porch enjoying a ridiculous amount of food and beverage provided by my parents who were excellent hosts. (Note to self: I should bring my friends home more often!) That night the four of us went to Moody’s, my favorite restaurant in Tahoe, for dinner. Highlights were the ahi 4 ways and crab toast appetizers as well as the tomato soup with the baked crouton topping. Divine.

The next day, after blueberry pancakes and a BBQ at a friend’s house nearby, we started scheming about the possibility of landing at the Auburn airport to retrieve some of the aforementioned pies. Alex got to work looking for the Auburn airport frequencies, runway length, and refueling abilities and I called Ikeda’s to see what time they closed (it WAS the 4th of July). Sadly, they closed at 4pm and we weren’t going to be there until at least 5pm.  Alex then had the idea to ask if we could order the pies, pay with a credit card, and have them hide the pies out back. Lucky for us, they were totally into this idea. Keep in mind, it was probably some high school kid on the other end of the phone who also thought this was pretty crazy. So, we ordered 4 pies: apricot, razzleberry, peach, and strawberry rhubarb, and hoped to retrieve them later that afternoon on the right hand side of the front door, under the tables, in a black plastic garbage bag. What could go wrong?

I then called a local taxi company and asked how much it would be to pick us up at the airport, shuttle us over to Ikeda’s to pick up the pies, and then back to the airport. They quoted $25 – not bad. It was my mom who had the genius idea of having the cab company pick up the pies and then DELIVER them to us at the airport so we could literally touch down and then get going again. How could we have missed that!? It pretty much worked as planned (see the photo of the hand-off below) and the taxi was only $15 to boot. What a day!


Wei and I were seated in the backseat of the plane, just inches away from the pies, on the way home. As soon as we got out of the plane, we were compelled to do the “pie dance” because we could no longer contain our excitement about stuffing our faces with pie! In only a few hours, we would be at Jeremy and Kristin’s 4th of July Pie & Fireworks Party sampling a ridiculous amount of pie. This weekend was definitely a highlight of my summer. It’s so fun to be back in the Bay Area for a few months enjoying gorgeous weather and playing with friends and family.


Thank you to Mike and Wei for taking and sharing all of their photos!