Road Trip to South India

We had the extreme good fortune of being invited on a 2.5 hour road trip to Vancouver today to experience the glory that is Saravanaa Bhavan. Had I been blindfolded and impervious to the cold, wet weather outside, I would have thought I was in Kerala, India. The food reminded me of our homestay cooking class in Kochi.

We were able to taste nearly everything as it was a buffet lunch for only $11.99 Canadian ($11.29 USD, woohoo!). It was very tempting not to make return visits to the line though Alex and Vijay had no issues with seconds and thirds. I’m totally ruined for Indian food now as it was incredibly fresh, light (Indian food isn’t always so gravy-like), and delicately spiced. It’s great to know that such an awesome spot exists only a few hours away. I think our next food adventure will be down to Kent to find a decent burrito. Between Thanksgiving on Thursday, leftovers for lunch and tapas at Tango last night, and our Indian feast today, I think tomorrow I’ll be eating a lot of salad. Vijay and Lakshmi: thanks for an awesome day!


One thought on “Road Trip to South India

  1. An awesome day to be sure. After the burrito road trip we have to do the “Road Trip to Mississippi” – That is Southern Kitchen in Tacoma 🙂

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