A night out on the town

True statement: Alex’s cousin is a rock star. His band, Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers, came through Seattle last night and we had the opportunity to watch the show and hang out with Stephen backstage for a few hours afterward. It was entertaining to hear all the murmurs in the crowd as Alex and I followed him to the dressing room after he signed autographs and took pictures with adoring fans. The band has been on the road for weeks and is happy to have two “down” days now where they only have to drive 10 hours/ day for two days. Their schedule would put any CEO’s to shame. Stephen is passionate about his music (he went and sang for the troops in Kuwait and Bahrain earlier this year) and is one hell of a dancer (fancy footwork!). We were happy to get a small glimpse into what his life is like on the road.

Since we had to be downtown for the show at 9pm, we decided to make an evening of it and try a new restaurant, Anchovies and Olives, in Capitol Hill. I’m happy to say we found another winner! Actually, we found a great Indian place on Friday night too, so luck has recently been on our side. Back to last night, their specialty is fish and the menu changes daily. Everything is seasonal (we saw a lot of brussel sprouts, pomegranates, and persimmons on the menu) and done in a very simple fashion. The plates are small which allowed us to taste a variety of items. We started with a hamachi ceviche with grapefruit and then a persimmon and prosciutto salad (divine).  For entrees, we had a flaky white fish with pomegranates, and a fresh strozzapreti pasta with pig cheek and leeks (yummmmm).

Good fun all around!