Tonight we decided to take advantage of the Urban Eats 3 entrees for $30 deal at Carmelita with our friends Sarah and Mike. It is a vegetarian restaurant down the street from our house and has been on my “to-try” list since I got here. The restaurant was packed at 7:30 which is a great sign in Seattle. Oddly, restaurants and bars don’t really seem to fill up around here.

The best part of the meal was at the beginning; a roasted sunchoke soup with truffle oil and chanterelle mushrooms. None of us could accurately describe a sunchoke, which is actually a type of sunflower that looks like ginger, after seeing it on the menu. Intrigued and sold by our server who swore it was better than the butternut squash special, we all ordered it to start. It had a nutty, creamy consistency and was absolutely delicious.

I wish I could say I was as excited about the rest of my meal. I had the grilled corn risotto with sweet peppers, smoked jack cheese, and tomato pesto which was somewhat bland and boring. My dessert was a bit better; an English breakfast flan caramel topped with three blackberries, though I much prefer my childhood neighbor’s creme caramel recipe. Sometime I’ll have to dig that up and make it at home.

While I won’t be planning a second visit anytime soon, I’m glad I went for the soup alone. If you have any recipes that use sunchoke, please send them over!


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