My first visitor!

My friend Allison from San Francisco flew up to visit last weekend. When I asked her what she wanted to do, she said that she was just along for the exploration ride. Throughout the weekend, we hit up a variety of neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, cafes, and had an exciting visit to the University of Washington ER (it’s really nice!).

I’d been dying to check out the University District Farmers Market which we did after an early start on Saturday morning. Allison was a bit shocked at the 45 degree temperature at 9am but I was just happy to see some blue sky. We picked a fantastic day for the market as there happened to be an apple (and cider) tasting of 20 different varieties and we learned which ones are best for baking, eating, sauce, etc. I’m still amazed at how cheap (and gorgeous) the flower bouquets are in Seattle.


We noticed a cute little cafe (Blue Dog Kitchen) near our parking spot so we popped in seeking some coffee and warmth. The employees behind the counter were so friendly and welcoming that we decided to stay for lunch. I’m glad we did. They had just finished making tomato and butternut squash soups! They have a chai lavender tea on the menu which I’m curious to try on my commute home one of these days.

That night we paid a return visit to Via Tribunali for pizza and then went around the corner to Molly Moon for ice cream. Although I wasn’t very impressed with my tasting a couple of months ago, this time I was obsessed. We shared a cup of boysenberry sage and a cup of chocolate. The chocolate was dark, rich, and simple. They might actually have something on Bi-Rite, though I can’t say that for their honey lavender, salted caramel, or scout mint.

On Sunday, we went over to Fremont and marveled at the treats in the display at Flying Apron. There are some adorable shops in the neighborhood that I would love to spend more time in if I had more time and a job. Our last outing was to Macrina Bakery in Queen Anne. YUM! They seem to be more of a breakfast and baked goods cafe rather than a lunch spot, but we enjoyed our pre-made veggie and goat cheese sandwiches and spinach salad nonetheless. I loved their coffee too.

It was so nice to have a friend from home up here with whom to share my new surroundings. Seattle is especially beautiful now that the trees are changing and there is a “winter is coming” crisp feeling in the air (sorry Allie!). Thanks for coming to play!

Allie and I in the ER

Allie and I in the ER