Dahlia Bakery

Classes started yesterday and it’s been cold and cloudy all week. The good news is that I received an invitation for lunch at a bakery which is on my “to-try” list. Nothing like a girlie outing and some homemade, not too creamy, tomato soup with toasted butter croutons to pull me out of my funk!

I met my friend, Lakshmi, for lunch at Tom Douglas’ Dahlia Lounge today. I was torn between ordering the grilled cheese (not sure I can deviate from my beloved Hog Island just yet) and the panzanella, a bread salad.  Lucky for me, I chose the tomato soup and was perfectly content. (This serves as a good reminder for me to start thinking about making large batches of soups to keep in the freezer for winter.) After lunch, I bought a coconut macaroon from the Dahlia Bakery next door and while I wouldn’t make a return trip based on that alone, I was captivated by the artisan bread selection and the looks of their famous triple coconut cream pie. As my last Governator would say, “I’ll be back”.

Lakshmi was taken by these adorable fall-themed cupcakes with little pieces of candied popcorn on top. She also deserves the artistic credit for the photo.

2009-10-01 14.11.59