Steaks for Apartment Dwellers

I recently found an article explaining a smart technique for making steak indoors. This is perfectly appropriate since we don’t have a BBQ in our apartment.


Green in Seattle

I thought I would start a food journal to record my favorite findings as I eat my way through my new city. I have a long list of cafes, delis, restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries to try, so why not share the love/intel with others who are hungry and don’t know their way around Seattle. I’ll also use this as a way to keep track of any memorable recipes that I find and recreate at home.

It’s been a little over a week since we moved up from San Francisco and we’re slowly starting to find our way around Green Lake, our new neighborhood. So far, the best discovery has been Bottega Italiana, an Italian gelato shop with authentic stracciatella ice cream. The most disappointing was Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant which made me truly ache for home.


Sunset on Green Lake

Pikes Place Market

Pikes Place Market

We spent our anniversary weekend exploring around Pike’s Place Market, stopping for green eggs at the famous Crumpet Shop, and eying the brightly colored flowers (HUGE bouquets for $5!) and seafood and produce displays which line the alleys throughout the market. We also hit up the Stumbling Goat in Phinney Ridge, which I’m happy to note, is less than five minutes from our house. I can easily see this place turning into our go-to spot. Since we had a $100 Open Table gift certificate, we went a little crazy. After a lemon-thyme vodka drink and an Old-Fashioned, we enjoyed the corn and chanterelle bisque and a spicy steamed clam dish. Following that, we went big and shared a peach glazed pork dish and a melt-in-your-mouth salmon with barely sauteed greens. For dessert, we went with the Bailey’s Bread Pudding which didn’t last more than a few minutes on the table.

I’ve had a bit of time to play in the kitchen since orientation didn’t start until last Thursday. I tried the DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte from The Kitchn which works if you don’t mix up the measurements for vanilla and pumpkin pie spice. Oops. It’s a nice way to use up an opened can of pumpkin. I found a rather large piece of Coho salmon at the PCC grocery store for $5 and grilled it with olive oil, salt, and pepper which made for a tasty meal. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted such a nice piece of salmon before. Sadly, it’s the end of the run so I’ll have to eat up.

So yeah, I think we’re doing pretty well for ourselves so far. We also tried 35th Street Bistro in Fremont last weekend and Via Tribunali in Capital Hill. VT gets extra points because the owner is Italian and I had an opportunity to brush up on my language skills. His pizza is as authentic as my favorite pizzeria in Bologna. Next time, I’ll try their Fremont location to see if it’s as good without “Il Capo” present.

I have my first visitor, Allison, coming this weekend so the adventures will continue…