Mussels with Coconut Curry

I’ve been cooking up a storm lately but haven’t had the energy to snap photos before scarfing down the various meals we’ve enjoyed. Current projects include me trying to perfect butter chicken, rolling out fresh pasta noodles and ravioli, and making various pasta sauces. Basically anything Indian or Italian is what I’m currently excited about.

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Tonight we made a coconut curry with mussels and boiled some late summer corn to go with it. Musical accompaniment was our toddler screaming at us to keep her light on and door open at bedtime. Other than the stress of listening to her cries, the meal was actually quite enjoyable. This was a nice deviation from the usual garlic and white wine or straight coconut sauce that we usually pair with mussels. Next time I’ll remember to use a better bottle of wine than the cheap stuff from WF. There was something just “off” that I think came from the wine and as a smart lady once told me, “you should never cook with a wine that you wouldn’t drink.” Well friend, you’re right once again!

Recipe Testing: Chocolate Cake Donuts


Recipe Testing: Chocolate Cake Donuts

These were a joy to make though the result was a bit dry and my entire house smells like McDonalds. I don’t know that I’d make these again but it was sure fun to try my hand at donuts and deep frying! I can’t wait to see what the other evaluators thought of this recipe.

Apple Tart

I spent this afternoon making this for dessert tonight! Oh, how I miss lazy days in the kitchen. New goal: once a month I’ll tackle something interesting in the culinary department during nap time or father/daughter time at the park!